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We're on a mission to keep construction sites operational and your workers safe throughout COVID19.

Keep your sites open and your workers safe with:

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Contact Tracing and Social Distancing Reports

  • Contact tracing - reduce the spread through contact tracing on your site.


Mike tests positive for COVID19 - uh-oh, he was on the site all day yesterday. Thanks to the MSite Workforce App, supervisors can identify exactly who Mike has been in close proximity to (and how long for) so that they can be notified and asked to self isolate for 14 days.


The risk of it spreading is drastically reduced, disruption to your operations are minimised and you are able to keep the majority of your workforce operational.

  • Social distancing reports - identify if certain trades or individuals frequently breach social distancing so you can implement risk-reducing measures where they're needed most.

Direct-to-Worker Notifications

  • Important messages can be sent to and receipted by workers instantly - enabling fast action and the rapid roll-out of any changes.

Scenario 1:

Peter has cold-like symptoms but thinks nothing of it. Just as he is about to set off to site, his phone pings and asks him "Are you or your family currently exhibiting any symptoms of COVID19?" He has two options to reply - "No" or "Yes - if you answer yes, please do not travel to site and contact your supervisor". He rethinks his situation, calls his supervisor and self-isolates instead of travelling to site. 


Workers are less likely to travel to site if they have any symptoms. In the event that they answer "Yes" and still travel to work, their access is blocked when they arrive at site.

Scenario 2:

You decide to introduce staggered start times following a sudden spike in COVID19 cases in your area. You set up groups of workers and send them each a message with their new shift times.


The new shift pattern can be instantly introduced, reducing peak time public transport use and removing 'busy times' in the site's communal areas (e.g. access points and welfare). This means your workers are safer, sooner.


Contactless sign-in and access control (biometrically verified)


With hundreds of sites already using it, the MSite Workforce App is available now.

For those with a long-term workforce digitalisation agenda at a company-wide level, enterprise partnerships are available with MSite. An enterprise partnership can provide a value-driven means to bring consistency to workforce management across all of your sites.

If you're interested in hearing more about how we are revolutionising construction workforce productivity, please leave your details via the form. We promise not to harass you - we just want to share information about our product, which we're pretty sure you'll love as much we do!