Author: Neil Norman, CEO at Human Recognition Systems

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A reinvigorated construction industry is good news for the UK. But, for the major contractors, the headache of managing thousands of employees and sub-contractors can see hundreds of man hours spent completing and filing pieces of paper and carrying out site inductions. Unlocking the key to expediting this process can result in significant savings across the board.

The reality of working in the construction sector is that contractors need to be able to demonstrate a worker’s right to be able to work, their qualifications and competencies. Traditionally, the onus has been on the contractor to provide this evidence but, with the introduction of new online enrolment systems, the responsibility has shifted back to the worker and the sub-contractor.

The future of this type of technology will revolutionise the construction sector, with workers being pre-approved to work across multiple sites, easing the process for the UK’s main contractors. It also assists with real-time management information regarding staffing of sites, helping directors may key decisions about employment and planning.

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